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# TitleSummaryWriterDirectorOriginal airdate
7The Memory of WaterWhilst restoring a walled garden at Lyvedon Manor, aided by ex-cons from a local prison, Rosemary and Laura initially think the body of a man found in a river is that of owner's mysterious cousin. But when the cousin is seen alive, the two gardeners are left puzzled as to whose body it was that was found...Stephen GallagherBrian Farnham3 October 2004
8Orpheus in the UndergrowthLaura and Rosemary are called upon by an old friend to help create a memorial garden in Notting Hill, based around the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. As the pair begin work on the garden, Laura's daughter Helena arrives and mistakenly blames her mother for the breakup of her marriage. But Laura is forced to put aside efforts to correct her daughter, when the a recovering alcoholic dies in mysterious circumstances...David Joss BuckleySimon Langton8 October 2004
9They Understand Me in ParisAt Villa Glavany, in the French Riviera, Rosemary and Laura are helping their friend Dorothy prepare the villa's 150-year-old gardens for a public opening, despite opposition from her neighbour, James Pretty, who will stop at nothing to ensure that this will not happen. The pair find themselves wondering if murder might be something he would do, when Dorothy's husband is discovered dead in the villa's living room...Clive ExtonBrian Farnham15 October 2004
10The Invisible WormWith roses dying in their beds at Stagford Lodge Preparatory School, classics master, Richard Oakley, calls upon Rosemary and Laura to help resolve the problem. Their arrival coincides with a mysterious ritual being held before the last day of term, in which a member of staff causes mischief while dressed as the Stag. However, things turn sour when Simon Todd, the geography master, is found dead in some undergrowth the next day, killed by a harpoon fired from the headmaster's prized harpoon gun. The sleuthing gardeners soon find themselves wondering what the motive was for Simon's murder...Guy AndrewsSimon Langton22 October 2004
11The GongoozlersHoping to boost the ratings of Gavin Patterson's failing TV garden makeover programme, Quinnie Dorell, a famous round-the-world yacht sailor, is roped in to present the show. Due to her fear of heights, Rosemary, who is on the grounds the show is being shot on alongside her friend Laura , is asked to take Quinnie's place to present an overview of recent developments from some scaffolding, but disaster strikes when a loose bolt causes her to plummet to the ground. Suspecting it's no accident, Laura recruits Qunnie's help to investigate what happened, and it's not long before the theft of Rosemary's laptop is compounded by the sudden electrocution of a visiting journalist and a fiery car crash....Clive ExtonSimon Langton29 October 2004
12The Italian RapscallionTravelling to the Ligurian Coast in Italy, Rosemary and Laura offer to help their old friend Emma Standish prepare her new restaurant for its grand opening. But when a tour around the famous Giardini Tremonti comes to an abrupt end with the death of Janice Alexander, found battered to death in the shrubbery, the gardeners find many flamboyant personalities to make solving the mystery difficult. Then another person dies after being tossed over the edge of a cliff-top garden...Clive ExtonBrian Farnham5 November 2004
13Swords into PloughsharesLaura is stunned to find Rosemary alive and at her mother's, after a news report announced that she had been shot dead in Engleton Park. It quickly transpires that the body found by the police was that of Rosemary's undergraduate friend, Gemma Jackson, an archaeologist who had posed as her to gain access to the grounds of the Park. While offering to help Lord Engleton determine why plants on his estate are in bad health, the pair also attempt to work out what brought Gemma to Engleton Park and soon discover that she had begun to suspect someone was illegally buying artefacts from dig sites...Chris FewtrellGwennan Sage12 November 2004
14Up the Garden PathWhen gardens in the village of Rowfield are struck by a mysterious blight, Rosemary and Laura find themselves hired by a member of the Rowfield Garden Open Day scheme to rectify the problem. While trying to sort out the problem, the gardeners are shocked when they find the body of Donald Westward under a collapsed branch, with his garden savaged. They soon discover he was seriously disliked by many in the village, and have a wealth of suspects, including an unfriendly gardener and a couple who don't quite fit in with the rest of the village...Peter SpenceSimon Langton18 December 2004
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