Series Three was the final series of Rosemary & Thyme, consisting of eight episodes.

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# TitleSummaryWriterDirectorOriginal airdate
15The Cup of SilenceStrapped for cash on their latest job and with no Land Rover, Rosemary and Laura pull out all the stops to try rid Woodley Court Hotel's vineyard of pestering weeds. But while trying to ensure that the latest crop is saved, the pair soon find themselves also investigating the murder of Angus Fairley, a famous critic and close friend of Rosemary's, who was visiting the area...Stephen GallagherBrian Farnham23 December 2005
16In a Monastery GardenWith a Royal visit planned for Wellminster Cathedral, Rosemary and Laura find themselves hired to help restore an old monastery garden at the cathedral in time for the visit, although not everyone is pleased by their presence. No sooner have they started, the body of the local custodian's step-daughter is found by the gardeners, who soon uncover secrets within the cathedral's tight-knit community, before another body is found within the garden's old well...Peter SpenceBrian Farnham21 January 2006
17Seeds of TimeIn order to re-organize the seed collection of famous botanist, Edwin Pargeter, Rosemary and Laura are called in by the current generation of Pargeters to help with the task. Their task is daunting, and it's not helped when a mysterious Chilean man is found dead in the back garden of the Pargeters' house. As they try to work out who the man was, they soon discover that something in Edwin's seeds is quite valuable, and that someone is out to get them, no matter the cost...Clive ExtonSimon Langton28 January 2006
18Agua CadaverA noted scholar of Spanish Islamic History, and a former boyfriend of Rosemary, invites both her and Laura to his beautiful home in the hills of Southern Spain, so they can help to restore an old Moorish garden inspired by the Alhambra. While the pair try to find a source of water they need for the garden, they don't expect to find murder when they come across the body of a young woman in the hills, who had been pushed to her death...David Joss BuckleyBrian Farnham4 February 2006
19Three Legs GoodRosemary and Laura are re-planting historic Regent's Park, which is hampered when they find plants being stolen shortly after being planted. While trying to determine who is stealing them, they soon find themselves dealing with a murder when an Eastern European doctor is found shot dead, while walking a three-legged dog. It's not long, before the pair unearth secrets in the park, and begin suspecting the doctor might not have been the intended victim, when his colleague, the dog's owner, is soon shot themselves...Clive ExtonSimon Langton11 February 2006
20The Gooseberry BushWhile helping to create a memorial garden for a woman who intends to re-marry her former husband, Rosemary and Laura are surprised to find an abandoned baby under a gooseberry bush. While the pair wonder who the mother is as they get on with the garden, a gunshot soon leads them to the body of a noted artist, leaving them wondering if the murder and the abandoned child are possibly connected...Clive ExtonSimon Langton18 February 2006
21Racquet EspanolWhile Rosemary and Laura are helping to do up a garden for a Spanish tennis camp that is holding a tournament, in which Laura's son is taking part, tragedy strikes when the body of one of the Pro-Am tournament players is discovered. Although the player is thought to have died in a drunken accident, the gardeners soon find evidence that they were murdered, especially when the player's wife is killed in an accident intended for someone else. The pair soon realise that something is not right within the tennis camp...David Joss BuckleyBrian Farnham30 July 2007
22Enter Two GardenersRosemary is delighted to be working on the garden of an open-air theatre with Laura, as her cousin Charles is an actor preparing for his role in an amateur production. But during rehearsals, one of the actors is suddenly killed by a prop gun, which police discover had been loaded with live ammo instead of blanks. The two gardeners soon wonder if someone is out to sabotage the play, or whether there is another motive at work...Clive ExtonSimon Langton6 August 2007

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