Series One was the first series of Rosemary & Thyme, consisting of six episodes that originally aired over a six week period from August to October 2003.

Episode list Edit

# TitleSummaryWriterDirectorOriginal airdate
1And No Birds SingIn their first case working together, Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme investigate a deadly plot to wrestle control of a company from its owners.Clive ExtonBrian Farnham31 August 2003
2Arabica and the Early SpiderNow working together, Rosemary and Laura are enlisted by an aging rock star to help renovate the grounds of his newly-bought mansion. However when the singer is found dead and the skeleton of a horse is found nearby, the pair discover a past rivalry is rearing its head once more.Clive ExtonTom Clegg5 September 2003
3The Language of FlowersThe two gardeners are asked by the Caldecott family to restore a grand water cascade in the grounds of their mansion-turned-health spa. Stumped by the long-decayed mechanics of the feature, Rosemary and Laura soon realise all is not well: a killer is on the loose and family ties are the motive behind a murder.Clive Exton; Isabelle GreyTom Clegg12 September 2003
4Sweet AngelicaTrying to uncover the source of disease in the lawn of a special language college, Rosemary and Laura are shocked to find a dead body at the roadside nearby. A ceremonial knife causes a stir at the school and everything appears to be centred around Angelica, one of the school's students.David Joss BuckleyBrian Farnham19 September 2003
5A Simple PlotRosemary takes Laura to see a Professor friend, who is having trouble with his allotment. Flowers are dying at random and he suspects the nearby building site is to blame. A political dispute becomes evident. After the Professor is killed, Rosemary finds herself in danger.Chris FewtrellTom Clegg26 September 2003
6The Tree of DeathRestoring a churchyard for an upcoming fayre, Rosemary and Laura befriend the local vicar, but soon become entangled in a murder enquiry when a man is found impaled by an arrow next to an ancient yew tree where they are working. The suspects are many, and it is up to the two gardeners to save the day.Peter Spence; Simon BrettBrian Farnham3 October 2003
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