Rosemary Boxer is a main character in Rosemary & Thyme, played by Felicity Kendal.

Description Edit

"Rosemary Boxer is smart, practical and happily single. An expert in plant biology, she was a university lecturer in horticulture until she suddenly found herself without a job. Although she’s an academic, Rosemary has a natural curiosity and her instincts don’t usually let her down"[2]

Biography Edit

Rosemary is a former lecturer in applied horticulture at the University of Malmesbury before being fired by Professor Julian Marchant in 'And No Birds Sing'. By her own admission she is "more bookworm than earthworm", an expert in the theoretical side rather than practical side of gardening.[3]

Little is known about Rosemary's background. She was in a relationship with Julian for eight months, and tutored Daniel Kellaway at the University of Malmesbury, where she worked for 18 years prior to receiving her dismissal letter.[3]

She owns a 1980 Land Rover Series III, which she nicknamed The Wagon, and refuses to replace.

She meets Laura Thyme after offering her a lift to a friends house discovering he was involved in an accident she acompanies her back to the hotel where she discovers she has been laid off alongside other staff members. Rosemary enters Daniels home and subsequently punches Julian. Laura helps her with the work on Daniels garden. Rosemary and Laura later start a business together.

References Edit

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