Matthew Thyme is a police officer working with the Metropolitan Police. He is the son of Laura Thyme and her former husband Nick, and the older brother of Helena.

He plays an important, albeit brief role, in the episode And No Birds Sing. He gathers crucial information relating to the housekeeper of Winterbourne Manor, Mrs Potts, aka Delia Kettle, The Wicked Witch of Withersedge. This allows Laura and Rosemary Boxer to connect Mrs Potts and her daughter, Alicia, to the murders of Sam Trent and attempted murder of Daniel Kellaway.[1]

In his youth he was a fan of Nev Connolly.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Matthew Thyme is played by actor Ryan Phillpot, and appeared in the Series One episodes And No Birds Sing and The Language of Flowers, and the Series Two episodes Orpheus and the Undergrowth and Swords into Ploughshares.[3]

References Edit

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