Laura Thyme is a main character in Rosemary & Thyme, played by Pam Ferris.

Description Edit

"Former Police officer Laura Thyme was a dedicated mother, but when her husband left her for a younger woman, she came to a crossroads in life. A farmer’s daughter, Laura is an enthusiastic gardener, and setting up Rosemary & Thyme has given her a new creative outlet"[1]

Biography Edit

Laura is the daughter of a farmer[1]. She joined the police force in approximately 1972, around the time Delia Kettle, The Wicked Witch of Withersedge, had been acquitted of murdering her second husband.[2] She served as a Woman Police Constable (WPC) before marriage. She had reached the rank of Sergeant,[3] before her husband Nick made her give up her job to look after their children, Matthew and Helena. She was married to Nick for twenty-seven years before he left her for a 23-year old blond woman he met at work.[2]

References Edit

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