Professor Julian Marchant is a senior member of staff at the University of Malmesbury. He was the boss of Rosemary Boxer, a lecturer in applied horticulture at the university, before he fired her by letter, along with three other members of the faculty, during the events of the episode 'And No Birds Sing'.

He was invited to Winterbourne Manor at the request of Daniel Kellaway, a former student at the University of Malmesbury, to discuss the funding of an academic post, the Kellaway Chair for Plants Genetics. Volunteering Rosemary to identify a disease affecting the trees at Winterbourne, he later terminates her employment for unknown reasons, leading Rosemary to punch him at their next meeting. [1]

He was in a relationship with Rosemary Boxer for eight months, something which Rosemary regrets. (One reason Rosemary gives for this is Julian's habit of pronouncing both of the Rs in February.)

Behind the scenes Edit

Julian Marchant was played by actor Stephen Boxer.

References Edit

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