Delia Kettle, later known as Mrs Potts, and nicknamed 'The Wicked Witch of Withersedge', was a character that appeared in the episode 'And No Birds Sing'.

Biography Edit

Marriages and murder accusations Edit

'The Wicked Witch of Withersedge', as Delia Kettle was known for some time before her legal difficulties, had been married twice, with both of her husbands dying under suspicious circumstances. She bore one child from the first marriage, a daughter called Alicia. The second husband, Mr Kettle, was a retired wholesale butcher from Norwich who died suddenly, apparently of a heart attack. When the insurance company with which Mr Kettle had took out a policy refused to pay out upon his death, Delia Kettle attempted to sue them, which is when the police became involved.

In her trial in the autumn of 1972 Delia Kettle was accused of poisoning Mr Kettle, but the prosecution case collapsed. She was acquitted by the jury, and subsequently lived in Withersedge. After her acquittal, she was watched by the Norfolk police, who believed she was guilty, but twenty five years before the events of 'And No Birds Sing' she left her home and disappeared.

Housekeeper at Winterbourne Manor Edit

As houskeeper, Delia Kettle went by the name Mrs Potts, and took on a dishevelled appearance. She was seen by Rosemary Boxer acting suspiciously in the gardens of Winterbourne Manor, and she was quickly suspected by Rosemary and Laura Thyme in being involved with Daniel's fall from the first floor balcony, despite being in the gardens at the time. She later scared Rosemary and Laura off with a knife when they entered the barn while searching for spare trowls, where they found tubs of hydrocortisone cream, dried foxglove leaves, and cuttings from the toxic giant hogweed plant that grew in the grounds.

When Rosemary later reveals to Alicia her suspicions about Delia's plot to murder Daniel, Alicia summons Delia, who at the encouragment of Alicia, attacks and wounds Rosemary. In the meantime however, Laura however learnt from her son, Matthew, that Alicia and Delia were related. Just as Rosemary were cornered by mother and daughter, she and the police arrive at Winterbourne. Delia and Alicia are quickly arrested and lead away.

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Delia Kettle was played by actress Matyelok Gibbs.

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