Compton Lacey is a country home introduced in the episode Arabica and the Early Spider as the home of pop star Nev Connolly and his wife Patsy.

Empty for forty years before Nev and Patsy moved in, its extensive grounds were alledgedly used by the inhabitants of the neighbouring village as a dumping ground. Being undisturbed for such a long time allowed a patch of early spider orchirds, a classified plant species, to grow in the grounds. Such a period of disuse meant the grounds were the resting place of Joanna Branningham and the racehorse Arabica for more than half a decade before they were discovered.

The house came under the ownership of the Connollys after it was used as a location for one of Nev's music videos. Having met Patsy on set, the two began a relationship, and within a week Nev offered to buy the house.

Extensive restoration was required to bring the house back to its former glory. For this task Nev hired Harry Georgeson. Nev also wished for the gardens to be renovated; this wish was fulfilled by Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme at the request of Patsy after Nev was shot dead by Tommy Matthews. Nev's death was the last in a long series of unfortunate events to befell the restoration, which included flooding and arson.

Compton Lacey was located close to the town of Bishopsbridge.[1]

References Edit

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